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🔋 Energize Your Startup Mindset💡

🔋 Energize Your Startup Mindset💡

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Simon Alexander Ong on Startup Mindsets.

Simon is the author of Energize: Make the Most of Every Moment which drew high praise, "This book is exactly what we need in this moment. With so many pulls and strains and stresses, Simon offers us simple steps for every one of us to indeed energize!" - Simon Sinek, optimist and New York Times bestselling author of Start With Why.

During my conversation with Simon, it felt like every question I asked was met with insightful responses.

Some of the things I asked were:

How does working out give us more energy, when we are lazy to start working out in the first place?

A: Working out releases positive hormones and feel good chemicals into our bodies. No one really regrets a workout after. If we can just start, we will leave feeling energized.

Describe the energy someone has that makes them want to start a business?

A: There's this belief that there is something more. When one goes from being an employee to an Entrepreneur, they believe that they're capable of doing something greater.

Why do people get exhausted from their work?

A: People get exhausted because what they're doing might go against who they are or their work does not bring them joy. The biggest journey

As someone who has interviewed nearly 100 people who range from entrepreneurs who raise millions for their startup, or professors at distinguished universities, or venture capitalists controlling access to capital, this interview stuck out to me as one of the more powerful conversations to date. Listen to the conversation on Spotify:

🎥 Watch or 🎧 Listen to the full episode below 👇

Pay Attention to Your Spiritual Energy

An important theme that was brought to light was spiritual energy. This is a form of energy that you produce when you're fulfilled by the work you're doing and it brings you joy. It's also what you rely on when your body is tired, it's this deep belief that your actions are important and hold meaning. I've often asked founders, "What keeps you going when doubts creep in or the business has a slow month?"

Many reply that they keep chasing this incredible feeling when they delight customers/users or see that their product/service is enhancing society.

For employees and myself included, I have noticed that spiritual energy is attached to a payoff, call it the moment the paycheck hits the bank account or the instance that you can clock out and go home. For myself, as an entrepreneur-podcaster spiritual energy is felt when I am having fun interviewing podcast guests or when someone compliments me about Startup Mindsets. An important thing to note, is that when we tap into the moments of positivity that bring us joy or relief internally we are able to perform when the going gets tough, we are able to make choices that serve our well being and ultimately move towards a greater vision than what is two steps ahead.

Now, what's key to realize is that it's about just starting. There's no key signal to start, there's only the motion of starting, walking into the gym, starting an LLC and saying to yourself that you will figure it out along the way.

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Here's to the growth ahead, 🍻

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